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Sara ElShafie works at the intersection of science and entertainment to make science exciting and accessible for the masses. While pursuing a PhD in Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley, she developed an ongoing collaboration with artists at major film studios and educators at the University of California Museum of Paleontology to create a workshop series, Science Through Story, that trains scientists to engage the public through storytelling.




Sara has run workshops at universities, conferences, and museums around the world, from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to an IODP research cruise in the South Pacific. Sara recently brought scientists and artists together in a biology conference symposium to discuss how to engage broad audiences with science through narratives.




Sara was selected to participate in the 2017 National Communicating Science Conference at Harvard University, and was an invited participant in the 2017 Annual Bootcamp at the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science. She has also contributed to panels and webinars with other noted science communicators. Sara regularly consults on science storytelling and public engagement, including projects for major theme parks, museums, and scientific institutions.

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