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 View from Mauna Kea

View from Mauna Kea

 Mauna Kea Observatory

Mauna Kea Observatory


What's included.

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Our itinerary.

Polynesian culture and heritage, active geological forces, and the dark sky above Mauna Kea Observatory are just a few of the amazing highlights on this AstroTour:

  • Day 1: Text

  • Day 2: Text

  • Day 3: Text

  • Day 4: Text

  • Day 5: Text

  • Day 6: Text

  • Day 7: Text


Please note: Itinerary, hotel selection, and stargazing sessions are subject to change due to weather and other factors beyond our control.



Tour cancellation policy.
In order to develop custom tours with our partners, we have to secure our group accommodations and transportation with a minimum number of guest reservations. Rest assured, if the tour is dropped, everyone who made their deposits and payments through AstroTours will be notified and fully refunded. Details on customer cancellation policies are in our Terms & Conditions below.

Tour logistics provided by Premiere World Discovery.
Travel agency support provided by Mermaid Travel.



We are all explorers – on a journey of discovery, sharing in the natural wonder of our planet and the Universe, and seeking extraordinary science experiences together.

We are committed to and actively promote diversity in our community, and we believe the future of science and research, culture and art, depend upon the inclusion of and respect for individual perspectives.

We will always be considerate, kind, constructive, and helpful with each other, and promote a collaborative environment of safety, security, and friendship within our community.

We prohibit the use of any demeaning, discriminatory, threatening, or harassing speech toward any member of our AstroTouring community.

Your participation is contingent on upholding these ethics and standards of integrity as we travel together in search of our own unique connections with the cosmos.

+ Terms & Conditions

The deposit amount as indicated above is due upon reservation. Final payment is due 60 days before departure.

Your price is subject to increase prior to the time you make full payment. Your price is not subject to increase after you make full payment, except for charges resulting from increases in government-imposed taxes or fees

Payment of deposit indicates constent to these Terms and Conditions. After deposit you have 7 days to withdraw consent and receive a full refund.

Purchase of a Travel Protection Plan is highly recommended and must be purchased at time of deposit. Payment of a per-person waiver fee guarantees a full refund of all payments (including deposit) except for the waiver fee itself, in case of cancellation of travel plans for any reason prior to the day of departure.

Any name changes are subject to penalty.

A handling fee of $25 per change will be assessed for any change or revision made to a reservation.

If you have not purchased a Travel Protection Plan, and you need to cancel for any reason prior to the day of departure, the Cancellation Fees are as follows:

Six months prior to departure the non-refundable deposit will be retained.

For cancellation between 60-16 days prior to departure: cancellation fee of 30% of total price. For cancellation between 15-1 days prior to departure: cancellation fee of 50% of total price. For cancellation on the day of departure and after: 100% of total price.

The Travel Protection Plan does not cover any single supplement charges which arise from an individual’s traveling companion electing to cancel for any reason prior to departure.

AstroTours reserves the right to cancel any reservation, and that person will be responsible for any cancellation fees that apply, if our CODE OF ETHICS for the Astrotouring community are not upheld and adhered to.

For tours including airfare

Air rates are subject to change until tour is paid in full. If Travel Protection Plan has not been purchased and a reservation is cancelled for any reason prior to departure, Air is 100% non-refundable once paid in full.

Air rates, schedules, taxes and fees are subject to change until passengers have paid in full. If air is cancelled within 120 days of deposit, penalties may apply. Name changes are subject to penalties within this time period.

Some airlines may impose additional charges if you choose to check any baggage. Please contact your airline or refer to its website for detailed information regarding your airline’s checked baggage policies.


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