Will someone get back to me when I inquire about a trip?

Yes, our travel coordinator will get back to you within a day either by phone or email.


What type of payment is accepted?

You may use either credit or debit card via our secure online payment system.


Will I need a passport?

In almost all cases yes. And depending on what country you are traveling from and where the trip is going you might need a VISA.

Passports must be valid for 6 months AFTER you return from the trip and have at least two blank pages. To download a passport application, go to US Department of State.gov.


When will I receive information and/or documents?

In the case of a tour, final documents are typical mailed out 3-4 weeks before the start of the trip. The documents include luggage tags, name badges, any vouchers for extra excursions that might be included in the trip, and a booklet detailing what to expect, what to pack, how much money to bring, etc.  Whenever possible a group meeting will be arranged to go over all the aspects of the upcoming trip.

Most cruise lines do not mail paper documents. Once the final payment is made to the cruise line it will be necessary to go online and set up an account. All the documentation can then be printed out. Assistance will be provided should it be needed.


What about flight arrangements?

When booking a guided tour air is usually included in the pricing. If booking flights on your own remember that travel to some countries require that you leave the day before a tour is to begin as most flights out of country are overnight flights.  Air schedules are typically available 11 months before the date of the return from the trip. Example: Trip ends 12/15/2018 – air would be available to book 1/16/2017.


For more information contact Mermaid Travel at 740-407-2157 or sally@astrotours.co