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Atacama dark sky retreat

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Explore some of the darkest night skies on Earth.

WITH PAUL SUTTER / December 7-14, 2018


The alien beauty of the Atacama.
A luxurious, world-class resort.
Escape into the night sky.



Thousands upon thousands of glittering jewels adorning the black sky.

The sun is low in the western horizon, just behind the mountains. A refreshing breeze chills the desert air. You join the others at the open-air observatory - there's no need for a dome to block light pollution here - but you don't even notice the telescopes. Instead, your eyes are drawn...up, up, up.

You find yourself at the center of an unending cosmic tapestry, thousands upon thousands of glittering jewels adorning the black sky. The delicate band of the Milky Way stretches from horizon to horizon - and you finally understand its name. You pick out some familiar constellations from home, but so much of the sky is wonderfully exotic.

The true magnificence of the night sky almost overwhelms you, a feeling well known by our ancestors but almost lost to modern humanity. Despite its sense of enormous weight, layers of cosmic history suspended above you, it pulls on you...up, up, up. 

Welcome to the Atacama.


Join us for a stargazing experience like no other: an expedition to the Atacama Desert of Northern Chile, one of the driest places on Earth and home to some of the darkest skies you can experience. 

We'll spend six dark nights at the luxurious Alto Atacama Lodge & Spa, nestled in the small town of San Pedro, Chile. During the day we'll go on tours and expeditions in this exotic corner of the Earth, exploring salt flats and lunar-like terrain. And every night, a journey to the stars, hosted by astrophysicist Paul Sutter.


What's included.

  • Six nights at the all-inclusive Alto Atacama Lodge & Spa.
  • One night at the Singular Santiago Hotel.
  • All meals in Atacama.
  • Two half-day or one full-day excursion every day at the Alto.
  • All airport transfers.
  • Roundtrip air from Santiago to Atacama.
  • Visit to the state-of-the-art ALMA Observatory*.
  • Best views of the Geminids, the "king of meteor showers."
  • Live taping of Paul's Ask a Spaceman! show.
  • Breakfast chats and evening stargazing tours.
  • Book-signing event and a copy of Paul's upcoming book. 

*Visits to the ALMA Observatory are on a first-come first-serve basis. We cannot put your name on the reservation list until you have made your deposit, so don't wait.


Our itinerary.

The plan is simple: get to the desert and enjoy as much of the sky as we can.

  • Friday, December 7: Depart Santiago to Atacama
  • Saturday, December 8: First group tour of ALMA Observatory*
  • Sunday, December 9: Second group tour of ALMA Observatory* (if needed)
  • Five days of adventures and six nights under the stars.
    View included excursion options in this brochure PDF.
  • Thursday, December 13: Depart Atacama to Santiago
  • Friday, December 14: Free time in Santiago

$4,870 (double occupancy)
or $6,260 (single occupancy) per person.


This tour is sold out.

You may submit your information to join our wait list. If we have any cancellations, our travel agents will contact you.

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