We are a science experience travel agency.

ASTRO.TOURS is a platform for promoting human connections between science storytellers and their audiences through unique, shared experiences.

We are a partnership project with Active Galaxy Productions, led by astrophysicist Paul Sutter, and SpacetimeLabs, the creative agency for science.

  • We design and develop unique experiences that promote science and research.

  • We offer special access to locations, attractions, events, and expert guides.

  • We arrange and plan each tour itinerary with options for customization and accessibility.

  • We reduce costs through a network of dedicated, travel agency partners and sponsors.




Our tours help fund scientific research.

A percentage of every tour is donated to the science and research projects on our itineraries. By sharing these amazing science experiences with our astrotourists, we invite them to join a remarkable journey of discovery, to inspire a greater curiosity for this remarkably diverse planet of ours, and to enjoy a unique connection with the cosmos.




“We are a way for the universe to know itself.”

- Carl Sagan

Our planet is the result of ancient, celestial, cosmic events, which are still occurring throughout the universe. We can observe the natural wonder of it all by looking out into the stars and by exploring the planetary forces shaping our landscapes and our lives here on Earth. We're not just a small planet in the universe. We're the universe on a small planet. Explore it with us.


ALMA Array, Chile

ALMA Array, Chile




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